Managing the Monday Madness

Honestly, I have never really quite understood all of the dread for Mondays.  I kind of like Mondays.  For me, Monday generally represents a fresh start.  I start a new list, everyone jumps back into their routine and I get a chance to begin anew.

But I will tell you that when it comes to cooking dinner, that is what I dread – especially on Mondays.  In our house Monday evenings mean homework, baseball practice, Boy Scouts, very soon 4-H, showers and multiple bedtime stories .  It gets kind of crazy sometimes.

In order to remain sane, I have learned to embrace the fact that dinner’s primary purpose only need be sustenance within the evening hour.  In giving myself this grace our Mondays are much more pleasant, for everyone.  This may mean cold turkey sandwiches and fruit for dinner, but that is o.k.

Today I have decided to make Baked Potato Soup in the crock pot.  My favorite (because it is simple) potato soup is inspired by a recipe found at  This recipe is super quick and easy.  And best of all, the kids love it!

Loaded Baked Potato Crockpot Soup