Whistle While You Work

Do your kids have chores?  Mine do.   Even the Commander has chores!


I am absolutely a proponent for chores.  And I don’t think there is an age too young to start.  My 18 month old helps fold laundry.  Sure, he doesn’t fold quite the same way I do, but he can absolutely shake out some wrinkles and throw hand towels in the linen closet.  And he is so proud of himself for helping.

Chores are so much more than cleaning up.  Those little responsibilities given to children are huge.  Chores give children an ability to be a part of something larger than themselves – the family unit.  Chores give children something to be accountable for, something to own and be proud of.  Chores teach children they are not entitled and that hard work is appreciated, even sometimes rewarded.  Not to mention most chores are merely life skills that will only be helpful at some point.  Eventually your child will thank you for giving them jobs a kid, mine have not yet, but I know they will one day.

So why not start now?  Summer would be a great time to ease into a new routine.  Start small.  And if you would like some assistance (maybe motivation) check out these great apps to track chores and encourage your little ones.




(And just in case you are wondering, no I don’t really make my little guys scrub the floors on their hands and knees.  For some reason they chose to do that on their own.)