Boredom Busters

Have your kids started in with the, “I’m bored, there is nothing to do,” yet?  I have heard it a few times.  Although I must tell you I really have no patience for it and I think most of the time my kids remember this.  I am very quick to remind them my belief, “Only boring people get bored.”  And if that doesn’t work I quickly offer extra chores to give them an opportunity for something to do.  So most of the time they make certain to occupy themselves in some way.  But there are days I can tell they are struggling.

So this is what we did today.

Ivory Soap Project           soap           soap 1

Weird, I know.  But it was definitely entertaining (briefly) and was a good discussion regarding the Scientific Method.

If you would like to give it a try, it is really as simple as microwaving a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave.  I stopped the microwave at 1 minute 45 seconds only because the soap was about to start touching the sides and I wasn’t quite sure of the mess it would create.  It would have been fine though.

And if after this you are still interested in a crazy concoction, try making Gak.  This is definitely one of our favorites.


– TWO 4 oz. bottles of Elmer’s Glue

– 1 tsp. Borax (found in the laundry detergent section of the store)

– Water

– Plastic Cup

– Bowl

– Food Coloring


1.  Empty the two bottles of glue into a bowl. Then fill bottles with warm water and shake. Empty into your bowl.

2.  Add food coloring.  Add as much as you like to get the shade of your choice.

3.  Add 1/2 cup warm water to your cup. Add 1 tsp. borax to the water and mix until borax dissolves. Then pour this into your glue bowl. Start stirring and you will notice how it starts becoming stringy. Keep mixing by using your hands and squishing around. You will notice after a few minutes that it has become pretty gelatinous.

4.  Mix well with your hands until it is consistent.

5.  Have fun!

This will store in an airtight container for a really long time.  We made ours at least six months ago and it is still just like new.

Oh, and here is an interesting little fact for you.  Do you know why Ivory soap floats?  Well, it was all originally an accident.  A workman left the machine mixing the soap run too long.  But in the end the soap appeared fine so they continued as usual.  Although, shortly thereafter the company began to receive mail about the great new product – the soap that floats.  Consider how important this would be to you if we still lived in a time when it was common to bathe in a river or lake.  This is one of those funny little pieces of information I remember reading in a book in elementary school.  You can check it out for yourself if you like.