My Story

My name is Angel.  I am married to my best friend whom I have known since the days of teeball.  We are Florida kids (well, technically I am a Navy brat, but that is a story of its own).  We relocated to California and love it.  I live in Northern California with my family of 7.  Yes, we have 5 kids.  My husband jokes that when we only had 4 children it didn’t really seem like that many – until we had 5!

Needless to say, everyday in our house is always an adventure.  With this many children in one place it is inevitable something amazing (crazy, scary, unbelievable and/or hysterical) will happen sooner than later.

We  do our best to stay on task and raise our children to be leaders, independent learners, conscientious observers, empathetic, compassionate, creative, and full of passion.  Everyday is a learning experience and we must adjust accordingly.






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