Take Them a Meal

A few months ago I received one of those group email announcements that a friend had her baby, and “please sign up to bring this family a meal.”  Of course I signed up, no question about it.  But then when the actual day to deliver the food arrived I panicked.

The thought of serving this friend of mine and providing a meal for her family in the midst of post-pregnancy hormones and the stress of so many things new while still attempting to balance the rest of her family was unquestionable.  Yes, of course I want to help.

But what should I make?  What will her family enjoy?  What do her other children like to eat?  What can I make that will look awesome when it arrives at her doorstep?  What can I actually cook without screwing up?

This is where I realized I was going about this all wrong.  I have 5 children and in the past have been blessed by some really awesome friends who have provided meals for my own family in those first exhausting, precious, stressful, beautiful (and in my case, painkiller induced) days at home with a newborn.

And this is what I realized.  Over 16 years and five children, I received many meals.  Honestly, I could not tell you what any of those meals were.  But, I can absolutely remember every single sweet soul who took the time to prepare and deliver a meal for my family.  Ultimately, whatever recipe you decide to prepare does not matter.  The fact that you chose to serve another person and their family is what is really important.

Just in case you are wondering, for this family I chose to bless them with Chicken Pot Pie, Fresh Cut Fruit and a Key Lime Pie.