Tip for Tuesday

Yesterday I decided (for reasons I will keep to myself) that I needed to clean the car seat.  It was pretty gross.

If you only have a baby at this point you may not yet be able to accept this, but very soon your sweet little baby will become an adventurous and messy toddler.  You will be amazed (and disgusted) at some of the things you will find lodged and spilled in their car seat.  Sorry to spoil that for you.

This is my tip:

When buying a car seat always look for one that the cover can be completely removed and washed in the washing machine.  Anything that explains “surface clean only” or “partially removable” don’t even consider it.  And when it comes to cleaning the inner body of the seat just go ahead and use the hose.  It is the best way to get all of the little pieces of whatever out of the many cracks and crevices.




2 thoughts on “Tip for Tuesday

  1. Too funny! I just attempted this task and thank goodness for your parents because rex’s car seat would still be sitting in the garage half broken down!

  2. So true about getting a car seat that is completely washable. We wash the baby’s car seat 2-3 times a month and the hose does come in handy.

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